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It tends to flood the search results, which can be a pain on sites like MediaWiki. It's tough to find definitive references, and thus easy to wander into original interpretation, which is exactly what some previous editor did, in the process inadvertently concocting a dubious definition of "catch phrase.

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This is why i propose this subcategory. I think though that his position really goes to the core of what I'm saying here: I'd be grateful if you or someone else could have a look pywikipediabot re write anime the image Image: That will screw-up the "last edit" dates, but not as many.

Sizuru is a member of Guardian who has the ability to produce various chemicals inside her body which can be used to heal herself and others, paralyze and cause amnesia. Go back to the saved image on my disk, and crop the edges.

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Discussion" or whatever we call itso we don't have to edit and screw-up the "last edit" date. The fourth opening theme is "Last Desire" sung by Maon Kurosaki and the third ending theme is "Instincts" by Mizutani.

Ancient Chinese characters project -- Yug talk Specifically, I am a GuildWars Wiki user, and I want to be able to show information page chunks from the metawiki or english wiki on the GuildWars wiki page, using the usual transclusion style re-posting of that information.

On Wikipedia, he is just another editor granted one that can pull the plug if he so chooses, but still just an editor. Vwhich pretty unequivocally states that "If no reliable, third-party sources can be found for an article topic, Wikipedia should not have an article on it.

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I'm just asking for the name of the section to be changed so that it will be easier for other people to understand what that section is for.

Jimbo's opinion on whether a movie should have an article, if it fails notability does not change the fact that it fails and thus does not get an article. At least the first few episodes were somewhat interesting, in the same way that watching two trains collide is interesting, but the later story arc is just so mediocre that it has little to no draw to it whatsoever, making it hard for me to believe that this was supposedly written by Romeo Tanaka.

It's hard to put my finger on it, but catch phrase seems more frivolous, while catch word seems to be adopted by serious groups talking about polict matters see bartleby's encyclopedia. If there are no secondary sources, the item does not need its own article.

If the sub-article "improves or maintains Wikipedia", then we should ignore guidelines and policies that say we shouldn't have it. It would be so easy to submerge the site with trials, accusations and bad reputation once it goes illegal.

Because honestly both Gaia and Guardian seem to be pretty disinterested in regards to capturing her until the last two episodes or so. Watch Rewrite Episodes Online Kazamatsuri, a modern, well-developed city renowned for its burgeoning greenery and rich Japanese culture, is home to Kotarou Tennouji, a high schooler least privy to the place's shared values.

MediaWiki is very good, but for programming tasks editing it via the web is not very handy since WYSIWYG is very limited. Pressing 'edit' + 'publish' on any small change and waiting for page loading is kind of annoying.

I have seen a lot of desktop wikis (personal wikis) that are free from such problems. Jul 09,  · Rewrite TV anime opening. DISCLAIMER: All contents expressed in this video are copyright of their respective owners. All audio expressed in. Watch anime episodes and movies with English subtitles in SD and HD on any device: pc, tablet, mobile.

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Follow us and stay up to date with all the currently airing shows and movies. Rewrite Wiki is a collaborative wiki about the Rewrite Visual Novel.

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The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article to improve facts and information, so we can all work together to create the site. Watch Rewrite Episode 1 - The World or Myself?

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